Intelligent & Integrated
ESS (Electronic Security Systems) & LSS (Life Safety Systems)


Service 1

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Service 2

Access Control System
CCTV Surveillance System
Intrusion detection System
IP Intercom Systems

Service 3

Life Safety Systems
Data Comms Systems
IP Network Systems
Scanning & Testing Systems

Service 4

Asset Tracking Systems
Facial Recognition Systems
Guard Tracking Systems

Service 5

IT Hardware
Access Control Hardware
Auxiliary & Related Systems
Software & Data Bases


Service 6

Central Control Room
Security Systems Installation,
Commissioning & Configuration Standards)

Service 6

Integration with C4i / PSIM
versus Integration without C4i / PSIM
ESS Design Considerations
Schedule of Proposed Manufacturers
Central Control Room

With intelligent Command, Control, Communication and Compute (C4i or C4i) or it’s industrial equivalent Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems

  • Remote off-site and on-site monitoring Control Rooms
        ‣ Comms with PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, Satellite, 3G, iBurst, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Centralized Control Room design
        ‣ Control Room Environment
        ‣ Air Conditioning, Lighting, Ergonomics
  • Control Room Protection
        ‣ Secure OS, Applications and Data Architecture
        ‣ Physical Secure, fire and explosion proof
  • Air Conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Cable Containment and Power Distribution
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Generator
Security Systems Installation,
Commissioning & Configuration Standards)
  • Cabling and Wiring
        ‣ General, Cable Routes, Installation, Support and Strapping, Glands, Termination, Termination boxes
  • Cable Supports
        ‣ Supply, types and Installation
  • Erection
        ‣ General
        ‣ Accessibility of Equipment and areas
        ‣ Installation of Equipment
        ‣ Steelwork Installation
  • Labelling
  • Installation, Commissioning & Configuration
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Integration and Optimisation
 PSIM (C4 – Command, Control, Comms, Compute)

• Event Manager and Escalations
• SLA and Asset Management, with multifunctional
Mobile Device
• Occurrence Book (electronic, embedded)
• Scheduled Reports
• Situation Manager
• Command & Control
• Video Matrix
• Map GUI
• Scheduled tasking
• Task Manager
• Incident Manager
• Visitor Management
• Entrance Gate Management, with
multifunctional Mobile Device
• Best of breed systems (PIDS, ACS, CCTV, etc.), all integrated into PSIM system
• Max efficiency, situational awareness, incident management & control

Systems without PSIM and thus without
Integration, means separate stations, staff and
training for each system

• Incident Man. system
• PIDS system
• CCTV Surveillance system
• Access Control system
• Intrusion Detection system
• PA and Evacuation system
• Guard, Person Tracking system
• Vehicle Tracking system
• Asset Man. and Tracking system
• BMS system
• GIS system

  • The Design & Consideration Process – How to Design an Electronic Security System (ESS)
  • Risk assessment to evaluate client’s security program
  • Risk mitigation recommendations, capital and operating cost estimates and implementation timelines
  • Convince the Board to implement
  • Need Technical Services Consultant to assist selection of systems and service providers
  • Conceptual design
  • Design development
  • Vendor selection
  • Program & Project management and administration
  • Following this proven methodology will result in:
        ‣ Procurement and installation of an integrated security system that will meet the current and future needs of the organization     ‣ This will include proper product selection and implementation by a qualified vendor that will install, support and maintain system
        ‣ The systems installed will be both operationally and economically efficient, achieving buy-in from multiple if not all departments

Schedule of Proposed Manufacturers

Security and Related Systems Technologies – Proposed Manufacturers

  • The Detail Technical Specifications does determine which manufacturer’s systems qualify
        ‣ Present system that does not comply, will have to be replaced immediately, or if not possible, over a transition period.
  • The listed PROPOSED manufacturers in does not necessarily exclude a specific manufacturers product – the list is a “SCHEDULE OF PROPOSED MANUFACTURERS”
        ‣ However – the listed PROPOSED manufacturers does specifically indicate the best-of-breed systems which does comply fully with the individual DETAIL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS, and which will ensure the best and most efficient and effective solutions for CLIENT, including extensive consideration against the following very important aspects when choosing the best product/s between the compliantmanufacturers:
  • The Manufacturer and if available, the most suitable local or African DISTRIBUTOR (it may be the manufacturer itself) of the product under consideration needs to be evaluated against the following:
        ‣ History and Resume of successful implementations in local and Africa
        ‣ Commercial Stability
        ‣ Commercial Success
        ‣ Technical support
        ‣ Engineering support
  • Installer/Integrator accreditation program, for;     ‣ Sales
        ‣ Design
        ‣ Install
        ‣ Integrate
        ‣ Maintenance & Support
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